Brin Coleman showreel

Showcasing a range of my recent as cinematographer, director and editor.
A selection of recent films I have worked on, including music promos, adverts and short form documentary.

I am interesting in storytelling and creating work that is visually striking.
I recently graduated a BA (Hons) in Creative Media and Visual Communication at MMU and UCEN with First Class Honours. During and since my time at university, I have created a diverse portfolio of work for a range of clients. I care about getting things right.

If you would like to commission me for a project, please get in touch at

Many thanks to everyone who worked alongside me on many of these films, including Jen Eachus, Dave Speers, Nozibele Manyana, Sigsbert Rutajunara, Andrea Maria Martinez, Peter Waiting and Alex Brinkley Coleman.

Music: 'In Love With A Ghost' by Daniel Land. Available from
Used with kind permission.

Categories: Documentary and Factual, Experimental, Music, Photography

Boise - Small Town / Big City

Boise is a unique city set in the high desert of Idaho.
It is a beautiful and friendly city full of art, culture and good food.

I went there to find out what draws people to this city.

Music: 'Open' by Bing Satellites

Production Assistant: Alex Brinkley Coleman
Producer/Director: Brin Coleman

Categories: Documentary

Fall Colors & Sounds

A visit to Ann Morrison Park in Boise, Idaho, part of the green belt that runs through the city along the Boise River.

The temperature in Boise can change rapidly. In the park at time of filming, it was 28°F (-2°C) but it would rise into the 60s in the afternoon. Perhaps this contributes to the beauty of the place and the vibrant autumn colours.

Filmed in Ann Morrison Park, Boise, Idaho, October 2017.

Filmed & edited by Brin Coleman

Categories: Documentary, Experimental

An Introduction to Ghost Harmonics

A look at the strangely familiar looking ambient musician Ghost Harmonics, who creates chilled out and minimalist longform drones.

He explains how the music is made, just what Urban Ambient music is and how the idea of playing just one note came about.

You can find music from Ghost Harmonics at

Producer / Director: Brin Coleman

Categories: Music, Documentary and Factual, Experimental

Bing Satellites live in concert

A full live improvised ambient set I performed at Seven Arts in Leeds on 15 June 2019, supporting Marconi Union.

This concert was the first chance I have had to make a backdrop video. I used elements from other videos I have created using smoke, fire and translucent material in slow motion.

I also took the opportunity to film this concert with two cameras.

The finished film used footage from the two camera plus the backdrop film created for the concert, as well as the audio I recorded for the live album of this concert.

Categories: Experimental, Music

Jen Eachus, Makeup Artist

A film made for the showreel of Makeup Artist Jen Eachus.
More info:

Models: Hannah Doyle, Orlagh Rose - both from Maverick Models
Make up and Design: Jen Eachus
Technical Assistance: Peter Waiting
Lighting: Brin Coleman, Nozibele Manyana
Camera: Dave Speers
Editor: Brin Coleman
Directors: Jen Eachus, Brin Coleman

Categories: Experimental Photography

Feedback: The Guitar Pedal Maker

A look at Alex Lynham who runs SSD Devices, a small company based in Manchester that makes guitar pedals.

We find out how and why he does what he does.

More info:

Filmed & edited by Brin Coleman

Categories: Documentary, Music

Over To You - BBC Radio Manchester

I was lucky enough to take part in BBC Radio Manchester Over To You project where 100 people from the region took on various roles in the station over one week in March.

The team liked the idea I pitched so I made a report talking to students who have come to Manchester from overseas to ask them what they think of the city.

On the day, I was mentored by BBC Journalist of the Year, Richard Stead. The report was recorded at the Fielden campus of The Manchester College. We then took it back to Salford Quays where I edited it. We then wrote a cue for the presenter to introduce the piece.

A few weeks later, many of the people who took part in the project were interviewed on a live show.

The recording includes the original broadcast report (including cue), as well as the interview that followed a few weeks later.

It was an incredible and rewarding experience and hopefully not the last. I can, however, now include BBC Radio Reporter on my CV!

Categories: Documentary and Factual, Audio

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